Chris Stephens

"Using the tool allowed us to dig deeper into specific areas in our budget… to find savings."
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Sonia Lark

"I was able to pull up graphs that were immediate… without any downloading of Excel data."
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Tom Livezey

"It’s been a tremendous tool to identify… areas where we need to improve."
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Craig McCarthy

"Eidex just increases the efficiency and effectiveness of my time as I analyze the costs associated with our school district."
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Eidex Focus enabled us to identify $600,000 in annual cost savings in our first year.

Chris Stephens, Superintendent
Hopkins Public Schools

Using Eidex Focus helped us raise our fund balance by 25%.

David Britten, Superintendent
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools

Eidex Focus allowed us to put context around our assessment test results.

Eileen Grant–Ball, Curriculum Director
Charlotte Public Schools

Eidex Focus will revolutionize the way schools analyze financial and performance data.

Dave Sipka, Superintendent
Muskegon Area ISD

Eidex Focus is one of the most powerful data tools that I have used in my career as a superintendent.

Mike Paskewicz, Superintendent
Northview Public Schools

For too long, our use of data in public education has been for compliance instead of informing critical conversations about value of interventions we deploy to improve student achievement. The Eidex Focus tool gives us a powerful interface between revenue and expenditure data and student performance measures that will allow us to drill down into student achievement to see where our investments bring the greatest bang for the buck.

Kevin A. Konarska, Superintendent
Kent ISD