into focus

At the heart of Eidex Focus is the data—more than 50 million datapoints covering every facet of your district. Discover cost savings, improve communications, and drive goal–setting and strategic planning.

Eidex Focus takes more than 50 million datapoints and turns them into insight. Use filters to define relevant peer groups. Compare your expenditures to your peers. Cross reference your academic and financial data, and compare your instructional costs to your ACT Performance. Whatever answer you need to find, Eidex Focus supports you.

  • Data based decision making
  • Identify cost savings opportunities
  • Align with best practices
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Strategic goal setting/monitoring
  • Negotiations/Fact Finding

The power of Eidex Focus is easier to demonstrate than it is to explain. GET A DEMO

Deep Data

The data in Eidex Focus is wide, and deep. For every district in a state, we provide detailed financial, academic, and demographic information. Making the data even more valuable, it's not locked into silos — you can cross-reference data from different categories.

Powerful Filters

How do you make 50 million points of data manageable? With Eidex Focus’ powerful filtering system. Sort and refine by multiple geographic, academic, and demographic categories to find comparisons that make sense for you and your district. Shape your data — and define your message.

Peer Comparisons

The true power of data analysis comes from putting information into context. Make comparisons that make sense with Eidex Focus’ peer comparison capabilities. Compare yourself to like districts, and explore financial possibilities with the powerful Cost Comparison tool.