about eidex

Eidex was founded to help school districts find answers within their mountains of data. Through a powerful mix of software, training, support, consulting, and collaboration, Eidex guides school administrators toward insight.

Eidex Focus is the first tool to bring true business analytics to K-12 administrators. With Eidex Focus, administrators can evaluate and analyze data, compare with peers, discover trends, set realistic goals, and gain insight into their districts. Then, backed by our support and consulting staff, they turn that insight into action.

That’s what we do.
Why we do it goes deeper.

At Eidex, we are education advocates. We know the challenges you face, and we are passionate about about finding ways to help. Eidex gives districts the power to move beyond reaction, so that they can take control of their costs, their performance, and their messaging. We are driven to help public education succeed.

We are driven to help public education succeed.

This is our mission. To support it, we have a deep team of developers, consultants, trainers, and support staff, all focused on supporting you. Most important of all, we have our clients. We reach out to them for input, and for insight. We work with them to develop new features. Together, we’re changing the their world.

Together, we’re finding answers.